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ablaze, acute, aglow, alight, all-knowing, all-powerful, all-seeing, all-wise, almighty, apprehensible, bathed with light, beaming, beamy, bespangled, blushing, boundless, bright, bright and sunny, brightened, brilliant, burning, candescent, candlelit, changeless, clean-cut, clear, clear as crystal, clear as day, clear-cut, clear-eyed, coherent, comprehensible, connected, consistent, creating, creative, crisp, crystal, crystal-clear, crystalline, dazzling, defined, definite, direct, discerning, distinct, effulgent, enlightened, eternal, eternally the same, everlasting, explicit, express, fathomable, firelit, fluorescent, flushing, fulgent, gaslit, gleaming, gleamy, glinting, glistening, glorious, glowing, good, graspable, hallowed, highest, holy, illuminant, illuminated, immortal, immutable, in a blaze, incandescent, incisive, infinite, intelligible, irradiate, irradiated, irradiative, just, keen, knowable, lambent, lamping, lamplit, lanternlit, light as day, lighted, lightened, limitless, limpid, lit, lit up, loud and clear, loving, lucent, lucid, luciferous, lucific, luciform, luminant, luminative, luminescent, luminiferous, luminificent, lustrous, majestic, making, merciful, moonlit, numinous, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, one, orient, pellucid, penetrating, perceptive, percipient, permanent, perpetual, perspicacious, perspicuous, phosphorescent, plain, radiant, refulgent, resplendent, rutilant, rutilous, sacred, shaping, sharp, shimmering, shining, shiny, simple, sovereign, spangled, sparkling, specific, star-spangled, star-studded, starbright, starlike, starlit, starry, straightforward, streaming, studded, suffused, sunlit, sunny, sunshiny, supreme, timeless, tinseled, translucent, transparent, transpicuous, ubiquitous, unambiguous, unbounded, unchanging, unconfused, undefined, understandable, unequivocal, univocal, unlimited, unmistakable, well-defined

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • Luminous — Lu mi*nous, a. [L. luminosus, fr. lumen light: cf. F. lumineux. See {Luminary}, {Illuminate}.] [1913 Webster] 1. Shining; emitting or reflecting light; brilliant; bright; as, the is a luminous body; a luminous color. [1913 Webster] Fire burneth… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Luminous — may refer to:*luminosity, a scientific term referring to different things depending on the field in which it is used * Luminous (story collection), a short story collection by Greg Egan *Luminous paint, paint that glows in the dark *Luminous… …   Wikipedia

  • luminous — [adj1] bright, glowing beaming, brilliant, clear, crystal, effulgent, fulgent, illuminated, incandescent, lambent, lighted, lit, lucent, lucid, luminescent, lustrous, radiant, refulgent, resplendent, shining, translucent, transparent, vivid;… …   New thesaurus

  • luminous — index cognizable, coherent (clear), notable, outstanding (prominent) Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • luminous — (adj.) early 15c., full of light, from L. luminosus shining, full of light, from lumen (gen. luminis) light, related to lucere to shine (see LIGHT (Cf. light) (n.)). Related: Luminously …   Etymology dictionary

  • luminous — *bright, brilliant, radiant, lustrous, effulgent, lucent, refulgent, beaming, lambent, incandescent Analogous words: glowing, blazing, flaming (see BLAZE vb): gleaming, glittering, flashing, scintillating (see FLASH vb): resplendent, glorious,… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • luminous — ► ADJECTIVE 1) bright or shining, especially in the dark. 2) Physics relating to visible light. DERIVATIVES luminously adverb. ORIGIN Latin luminosus, from lumen light …   English terms dictionary

  • luminous — [lo͞o′mə nəs] adj. [ME < L luminosus < lumen, LIGHT1] 1. giving off light; shining; bright 2. filled with light; illuminated 3. glowing in the dark, as paint with a phosphor in it 4. clear; readily understood 5. inte …   English World dictionary

  • luminous — adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Latin luminosus, from lumin , lumen Date: 15th century 1. a. emitting or reflecting usually steady, suffused, or glowing light b. of or relating to light or to luminous flux 2. bathed in or exposed to… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • luminous — luminously, adv. luminousness, n. /looh meuh neuhs/, adj. 1. radiating or reflecting light; shining; bright. 2. lighted up or illuminated; well lighted: the luminous ballroom. 3. brilliant intellectually; enlightened or enlightening, as a writer… …   Universalium

  • luminous — lu|mi|nous [ˈlu:mınəs] adj [Date: 1400 1500; : Latin; Origin: luminosus, from lumen light ] 1.) shining in the dark ▪ luminous paint ▪ Her large dark eyes were almost luminous. 2.) very brightly coloured, especially in green, pink, or yellow =… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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